It’s no coincidence, they say that design speak louder than words. It is super important to have a good design, because it is the first thing people will notice. Only then people are going to pay attention and take a closer look on the quality.
We got graphic designers who can turn your idea into a masterpiece.
We are going to:

  • Discuss your needs with you
  • Start working design proposal
  • Deliver design drafts
  • Work and deliver the final proposal


After we settle on the final design, you are going to choose a type of fabric. Don’t worry, we are going to be there, to consult you and make sure, you make the right decision.
We got a large catalogue of different fabrics, each with its specific qualities and features and great printing technology from EPSON.
Before we print your sportswear, we can deliver colour samples on the fabric you chose.
Sublimation allows a complete design freedom. As long as you can imagine it, we can put it on fabric.

  • Printing on best sportswear fabrics
  • Double-sided printing
  • Resistant printing


We are sure, you don’t want your garment to fall apart after you pay for it, that’s why need best sewers we can find, and we got them. Our ladies with over 20 years of experience in sewing, will make sure, your new sportswear feels super comfortable.
Behind every great achievement there is a great team, and have a fantastic one.
We got many different sewing machines for different operations.
We will always be more than happy to consult you if you will have any questions regarding sewing process.

  • Latest sewing machines to fit all needs


Put all three phases together and you’ll get a one complete process of sportswear production. We can manage whole process from A to Z. You will be kept up-to-date throughout the whole process of production so you’ll know what exactly is happening to your order.
We will deliver your order as soon as it will be ready.

  • All production processes in one place
  • Full sportswear equipment
  • All type of sportswear production