URSA - latin for Bear
The bear is a symbol for strength, courage and tenacity. Bear also represents a gentle friendship and a docile follower in camouflage but its love for honey adds up an amusing element in the symbol of power and dignity.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in sewing and cloth manufacturing. For last couple of years we’ve been producing all-type high quality sportswear for teams and individual athletes.
We consider ourselves a very reliable producer of sportswear. We’ve been producing sportswear for biggest sport teams in Latvia and teams from Europe, which participe in international events like “Tour de France”. We’ve also produced sportswear for different teams from Sweden, UK, Italy, France which compete in biggest local sport events. We supplied with jerseys hundreds of fans of Latvia’s most popular hockey club. We’ve proven that we can deliver high quality to many clients and we are ready to prove it to you as well!
URSA specializes on small and medium size orders. Our work capacity is 4000 sportswear pieces per month, but with help from reliable parners, we can increase this number up to 8000 pieces.
Using high quality EPSON printers we can offer you fully sybliated sportswear, which means that designs have no limits. We can make sportswear for you in any color, with any symbols or graphic elements. As long as can visualise it, we can make it!
In cooperation with Europe’s leading fabric manufacturers, we are able to offer sportswear of almost any kind, starting from running shirts, where we use light and thin materials, up to garments for tough sports like rugby or ice-hockey, where we use much resistant and thicker fabric, also termo-fabric, so you could keep yourself active during the cold seasons.
Our sewers, who have experience of more than 20 years, will make sure you feel super comfortable in your sportswear. We will focus on the work, so you could focus on reaching higher results.
You can count on us, cause we are sure for the quality of the product we deliver.


Company was founded more than 20 year ago, as a factory for different kind of knitwear garments. During its existence, company had produced almost all known kinds of garments, starting from male and female underwear and swimwear up to men’s suits and winter clothing.
Adapting to changes in market, company started to offer sewing as a service to other clothing factories and distributors. After that company started working with one sportswear brand. At the beginning orders weren’t big, and we were only given to produce a simple sport jerseys to start with. After client realized that we can deliver high quality, company started to receive bigger orders that required more skill. In less than two years we were producing garments for world’s most popular sports – soccer, cycling, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, track and field athletics, floorball and other.
Satisfaction about quality was expressed by the client and also end users. That encouraged us to start our own new brand – URSA Sportswear.

Our Mission

Support and provide sportswear and services to athletes, sport teams and brands, which are participating or hold their activities in various well known world class sport events and competitions.

Our Vision

Serve professional as well us amature level athletes, teams and brands, providing everyone with highest quality sportswear and services.